Mini Drag Scraper


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Mini Drag Scraper

A Lightwave Technology Product

Mini Drag Scraper is designed to be drawn behind a small tractor and utilize the tractor hydraulics or a PTO pump, a self-contained hydraulic reservoir, which allows accurate spreading and placement of materials such as cement stabilized rock, sand, earth and gravel’s.


Each model has replaceable cutting edges. Graders used for sports ovals or bowling green construction are available with slick non-treaded tyres, for minimum impact on the formed surface.


Lightwave Technology manufactures the Mini Drag scraper range using industry standard components, hydraulics, bearings, wheels and cutting edges for ease of maintenance or replacement.

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Accurate Laser Grade Control

After 10 years of development and manufacture, the MD series has standardized with 3 Models plus many mix and match alternatives.

Mini Drag Scrapper - Models

  • Sports Grounds

  • Ovals

  • Bowling Greens

  • Tennis Courts

  • Car Parks

  • Slab or paved area Subgrade Preparation

laser grader set up