Mini Drag Scraper

Accurate Laser Grade Control

After 10 years of development and manufacture, the MD series has standardized with 3 Models plus many mix and match alternatives.







Tow Coupling:



Wheels and Tyres:





Cutting Edge:


Rear End Assembly:

Hydraulic systems are proportional control with PTO pumps.

The tank is part of the main frame.


Vickers Valves and components are covered by the national warranty.



Standard 50 mm Ball.

30mm hole for pin is optional.


Standard Ford 5 Stud Hubs

Rim Sizes: MD - 1500 8 “ with 18x8.5 Tyres

                MD - 1800 10” with 20.5x8 Tyres

                MD - 2100 14” Standard Ford with 20.5x14 Tyres


CAT cutting Edge, adjustable


Rear End Assembly: Fitted with F205 flanged 4 Bolt housing, 1” SKF Y Bearings & 300mm long 1” ground axle